Transformation Depends on People. Empower Them with Flexible Services

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Predicting the chances for success of a chosen transformation initiative isn’t a black box. Often, it’s directly related to your people and their ability to apply critical thinking. But they need the space and time to do so. 

In this article, I’ll take a high-level look at a common transformation pitfall, and explain how a flexible approach to consuming technology can help to avoid it. Flexible services are truly critical in this digital-first landscape where people need technology to empower them, not hold them back.

Flexibility Enables Adaptation in Real Time—and Adaptation Will Be Constant

Your business will always evolve and adapt organically in real time. 

Transformation is about harnessing this change to be productive, and continually aligning these evolutions and adaptations with your broader transformational goals. This requires frequent, efficient course corrections.

Rigid technology is the enemy here.

Four Parallel Realities of Transformation

To help you perform this continuous progress assessment and make necessary course corrections, you’ll want to keep track of four parallel realities of your transformation and what defines each.

The reality where your transformation program is conceived The reality when your transformation program completes The reality you’re in right now (things will have changed

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