Airties CEO makes the case for managed, monitored Wi-Fi

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Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 add capacity and improve the data speeds delivered on home networks, but the broader experience – down to the application level – is poised to take on more prominence, according to Airties CEO and CTO Metin Taskin.

Airties and others have been using software and cloud management systems to optimize Wi-Fi networks down to the device level for years, but “even that is not enough,” Taskin said last week at the CES confab in Las Vegas. “We are going all the way to the application experience.”

He notes that broadband users call service providers when YouTube or Netflix, most often delivered to connected TVs, tablets and smartphones in the home over Wi-Fi, isn’t working. “So the management or optimization is going more granular – all the way down to the application.”

To address that, Airties is demonstrating a new feature called Application QoS that is designed to detect applications as they are being launched and to prioritize individual streams based on customizable policies.

The capability of this new feature can be applied to gaming and business applications, such as Microsoft Teams, said Taskin.

Taskin founded Airties and was promoted to

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