EY: Pricing missteps biggest risk facing telcos in 2023

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What keeps industry executives awake at night? It’s a question that EY, a consultancy, explores in depth every year.

Based on qualitative input in the shape of conversations with C-level execs, and backed up by its own quantitative research, EY has published its 2023 annual study on the “top ten risks” facing the telecom sector.

“One of the most surprising things [to emerge from discussions with execs] is a sort of ‘fear factor’ surrounding how consumers respond to price increases, and how to communicate changing prices,” Adrian Baschnonga, lead analyst at EY’s Global TMT division, told Light Reading.

“There has been lots of scrutiny on [pricing] in the last few years, especially in the wake of the pandemic, and attention on that is only going to be greater in the cost-of-living-crisis era.”

EY finds a ‘fear factor’ among telco execs in an era of high inflation and cost-of-living crisis.
(Source: Andre Taissin on Unsplash)

Judging pricing as the most prominent ‘talking point’ through 2022, EY labeled it the number one risk facing telecom in 2023. The specific price risk, as EY puts it, is an “insufficient response to

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