Verizon’s product development chief prepares for network slicing

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Srini Kalapala has a unique view into Verizon’s operations. As the company’s senior VP of technology and product development, he works across both consumer and business divisions on services that span wireless and wireline networks. He dabbles in everything from long-term research and development to network upgrades to the current needs and demands of Verizon’s customers.

Now, Kalapala is getting ready to move network slicing from the lab and into the real world. “The foundational ingredients are coming into place,” he told Light Reading during a recent interview. “Now is the time.”

Verizon’s Srini Kalapala
(Source: Verizon)

Verizon has not yet announced any network slicing products, and Kalapala declined to reveal the company’s specific plans. But he said the industry has evolved to a point where network slicing products will likely begin hitting the market in the next year or two.

On the path to slicing

Kalapala explained that network slicing requires three main elements to work: a 5G network, a core capable of creating slices and device chipsets that can connect to those slices. It’s the last part that’s taking some time, he said, as vendors like Qualcomm and

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