Boosting CX Through Intelligent Asset Management

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The relentless drive of innovation opens the door to new business possibilities for ambitious wireless operators. Whether it is the shift from 5G to 6G or the integration of artificial intelligence into network processes, the latest tech innovations are the catalyst that enables operators to not just modernize and enhance their existing offerings but also to develop new products and service offerings that delight their customers.

Indeed, as we saw during the recent global pandemic and the rise of work-from-home videoconferencing, such innovation can spark and sustain increased demand, placing telcos under immense pressure to scale up while ensuring systems are highly robust while operating efficiently.

This continual cycle of innovation means smart asset management is a must. Today’s state-of-the-art systems will be tomorrow’s legacy systems (sometimes in little more than a decade), requiring operators to juggle the requirements of developing and managing new assets while sunsetting older ones.

As 5G-enabled products and services evolve and gain market traction, telcos are rapidly increasing their overall network capacity in response. But with additional capacity comes additional complexity in areas such as project management, engineering, civil works, installation, product configuration, and integration.

Just as in other developed markets, the rollout

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