What kind of future will AI bring enterprise IT?

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If you’re an enterprise looking for ways to come through a recession stronger while beating out competitors in the process, open source isn’t the answer. Neither is cloud. It’s true that both can be helpful. Both are ingredients in how enterprises should rethink their traditional approaches to IT. But neither will do much to distinguish you.

Why? Because everyone else is already using open source and cloud, too. There was a time when being first to embrace the economics of open source projects like Linux or MySQL could set a company apart, but not anymore. Enterprise adoption of cloud is still nascent (roughly 10% of all IT spending in 2022, per Gartner estimates), but adoption is moving at such a pace that you’re probably not going to distinguish your customer experience through cloud alone. What will set you apart?

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). But maybe not how you think.

Thinking incrementally about AI

This is not one of those articles touting AI/ML as some ill-defined panacea. Yes, AI and ML have been instrumental in developing potent medicines to combat COVID-19, and they could even someday help find a cure for cancer. But there’s no magical AI/ML fertilizer that you pour onto moribund

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