Why the Human Experience Will Make or Break Your Digital Transformation

This post was originally published on Pure Storage

Think about an experience we go through as humans that’s generally tedious or unpleasant—for example, buying a car. No matter how slick the showroom or gorgeous the car, the experience tends to be slow, painful, and incomprehensible. We have so much digital technology at our disposal to make these experiences better. Yet, time and again, businesses fail to deploy technology in ways that improve the human experience.

But the innovators who do put humans first are the real disruptors—and these are their transformation success stories.

People Over Products

In the course of digital transformation (DX), a top priority for organizations worldwide, we can get so caught up in the wonder of the digital experience that we forget to consider how it impacts people—both employees and customers. Without the enthusiasm and excitement of people using the technology, transformation is on shaky ground.

As McKinsey noted in its research about digital transformation, the success rate is low. To become a success story requires a deeper understanding of how employees’ jobs will change. Then, you have to properly communicate those changes to them.

It’s change management of the highest order: A mix of human desires and unrealized technology requirements makes it

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