Announcing the First STaaS Energy Efficiency SLA

This post was originally published on Pure Storage

Today, Pure Storage® announced the first-of-its-kind energy efficiency SLA for Evergreen//One™, our storage-as-a-service (STaaS) offering. This makes Evergreen//One the only STaaS offering that guarantees a maximum number of actual watts per tebibyte (TiB), enabling customers of all sizes to benefit from continuous innovation, guaranteed performance, scalability, no planned downtime, and now also energy efficiency.  

A First for Energy Efficiency

Companies often claim to be the first to deliver a product or solution that will revolutionize the market, change the way you work, or make your life better than you can imagine. In reality, most of these announcements are hyperbole, simple tweaks to existing products or major exaggerations to grab a news headline.  

When it comes to IT and data centers, some such transformational technologies have been virtualization, cloud computing, 5G, adaptive AI, applied observability, and now increasing sustainability.

Leading analysts agree on the importance of long-term sustainability goals: 

“Sustainability has become a key pillar of IT strategies today, with an emphasis on reducing power and space to drive operational efficiencies and ultimately reach long-term ESG goals. By introducing an energy efficiency SLA into its storage-as-a-service offering, Evergreen//One, Pure Storage is providing an added layer of transparency for data storage, delivering

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