Resolve to Be Brave in the New Year!

This post was originally published on Pure Storage

This blog was authored by Pure leaders Wendy Stusrud, VP, Global Partner Sales, and Alessandra Yockelson, Chief HR Officer. 

It’s a new year and a perfect time to reflect on career goals and to resolve to be brave. As we reflect on our own careers, it’s clear we’ve taken similar steps, embraced new opportunities, and continued to stretch to reach the leadership roles we have today. Below, we share our recommendations for how you can achieve your career goals, from taking risks and asking questions, to building relationships both personally and professionally. 

Be Ready for What’s Next

Hockey great, Wayne Gretzky, shared how he built his successful career by “…skating to where the puck will go next and not where it’s been.” Apply that philosophy to your future by looking ahead and being ready for your next opportunity. 

As leaders at Pure Storage®, we understand there are many lessons each person learns along their career path. Each experience adds to your perspective and skill set, preparing you for that next opportunity. It’s vital to understand how decisions are made and investments are determined in any business. If you don’t know how the operations run, you won’t have a complete picture of

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