How to Build a Personal Cloud Server for Private File Storage at Home

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There are a multitude of cloud storage services available for people who want to store data on someone else’s infrastructure. But what if you want a cloudlike storage experience that lets you keep data on servers you control?

The answer is to set up a personal cloud server. Personal cloud servers essentially give you a private cloud that you can use to store data in a flexible, scalable way, without having to expose your data to third-party providers. In fact, you can operate your personal data cloud from within your own home if you want.

This article explains how personal cloud servers work, different approaches to building them, and how to get started creating a personal cloud server:

What Is a Personal Cloud Server?

A personal cloud server is a server created for the purpose of storing personal files. Usually, personal cloud servers allow users to upload and download files over the internet via network-attached storage or shared network drives.

Personal cloud servers are different from conventional cloud servers because, with a personal cloud server, you own (and are responsible for managing) the server that hosts your data. With a traditional cloud server, the server is owned and managed by

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