Blockchain, JavaScript Most In-Demand Programming Skills

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Demand for blockchain programming skills increased by 552% in 2022, despite the meltdowns in the cryptocurrency market, according to DevSkiller’s Digital & IT Skills Report 2023.

JavaScript, Java, SQL, and Python led the list of the most in-demand programming skills, according to the report, which is based on 209,249 skills assessments sent through the DevSkiller platform to candidates and employees globally.

The report indicated that there is a growing demand for roles that require deep technical expertise and sophisticated IT skills like cloud-native Java.

“If you follow industry trends carefully, the report isn’t that surprising,” said Tomasz Nurkiewicz, DevSkiller’s CTO. “It closely reflects job trends and listings.”

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However, Nurkiewicz admitted that he is surprised by the rise of blockchain-related technologies and said it’s hard to predict how the collapse of FTX and other crypto crashes might affect the IT job market in 2023.

“Either the market still didn’t account for a crypto crash or enterprises began using blockchains for non-financial use cases,” he noted. “We don’t see a drop yet in 2022 data — quite the opposite — but recruitment processes may be lagging behind the market.”

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