Can AI replace cloud architects?

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As I mentioned a few times in this blog, I’ve been working with and teaching about artificial intelligence since the start of my career. This drove much of my interest in cloud computing because AI was not economically viable or accessible until “the cloud” came along.

Interest in AI and its applications inflected about five years ago. Then the pandemic happened and some budgets shifted to speedy cloud migrations. Now that things are returning to normal, AI is back. Most enterprises grasp the fundamental possibilities of AI and are looking to weaponize the technology for their own business.

The technology got way more impressive along the way. Generative AI, for example, went from PhD dissertations to an accessible and free reality with the advent of generative AI services such as ChatGPT.

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that generates new and unique outputs, such as text, images, or audio based on input data and learned patterns. This can include tasks such as text generation, image synthesis, and music composition.

A wide variety of inputs can be made through a chatbot or an API that results in an impressive response. The responses are so impressive that I’ve been fielding calls from journalists who

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