Digital Twins Low Priority for Data Center Pros

This post was originally published on Data Center Knowledge

The promise of a data center digital twins future, or virtual replicas, isn’t a top priority for data center professionals. However, 33% of respondents stated they already have or plan to implement digital twin technology in the near future, according to a recent study commissioned by Eaton via 451 Research.  

Digital twins remain a topic of debate among some in the data center industry, with a focus on DCIM as the primary use case for the technology. Many vendors have entered the digital twin fray, most notably Nvidia. But the firm’s application extends primarily to autonomous driving. 

Digital twins are useful to plan or change the power and cooling of data centers. This is especially true as new equipment becomes more diverse in terms of power consumption and density, says Roy Illsley, chief analyst at Omdia.

Of note is the commissioning of this study by Eaton, which leads the data center power industry, along with peers Schneider Electric and Vertiv both of which have robust DCIM offerings. In the study, it appears that Eaton converges the terms DCIM and digital twin technology.

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