AtomicJar Raises $25M for Developer Testing with Testcontainers Cloud

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AtomicJar, the lead commercial sponsor behind the popular open source Testcontainers library, announced today that it has secured $25 million in a Series A round of funding. Alongside the funding, AtomicJar is releasing its Testcontainers Cloud service as a public beta with the goal of improving the testing experience for developers.

The funding round was led by global software investor Insight Partners and will be used to scale AtomicJar’s development team and go to market efforts. At the foundation of AtomicJar is the open source Testcontainers project, which provides a software library that helps developers execute integration testing for containers and microservices-based applications.

The Testcontainers project got its start in 2015, while AtomicJar as a commercial entity was founded several years later, in 2021. The Testcontainers Cloud, which is now in public beta, provides a managed service that developers can use to scale testing operations.

“Testcontainers is a library that developers can use to start a variety of technologies for their testing needs,” Sergei Egorov, co-founder and CEO of AtomicJar,¬†told ITPro Today.

How AtomicJar and Testcontainers Work to Improve Developer Testing

More often than not, application

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