Breaking News: Microsoft Azure Outage Wipes Out Teams, 365, and Outlook – Caused by Network Issues

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Microsoft experienced outages yesterday across its online services including Teams, M365, and Outlook, according to Bloomberg News

This comes on the heels of positive earnings reports for Microsoft on Tuesday but contrasts with the firm’s announcement of a 5% workforce reduction, rendering 10,000 of its workers jobless. The layoffs included members of the firm’s revenue growth engine Azure, which is Microsoft’s cloud services offering. It is of note that while Azure is a growth engine for Microsoft, growth across the cloud services industry has slowed, signaling a maturation of the cloud services industry. 

Azure is at the center of Tuesday’s outage, and Microsoft continued its track record of revealing the root cause of outages by providing an impact summary on its Azure status history site. The outage in multiple regions lasted for three hours and affected Azure resources in Public Azure regions. Popular services M365 and PowerBI were also affected. 

Wide area network (WAN) troubles were the cause of the outage, according to Microsoft’s own disclosures on the matter. A change the firm made to its WAN severed connectivity between the internet and Microsoft’s core suite

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