In Multi-Cloud, IaaS Providers’ Networking Solutions Aren’t Good Enough

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When the water dispenser on the front of your refrigerator breaks, you probably keep using the fridge itself because most of it works good enough. At some point along the way, you crack and decide a “good enough” fridge isn’t okay anymore. You fix the water dispenser or maybe buy a new fridge.

In a multi-cloud network, most enterprises find that “good enough” no longer applies to the native networking solutions that their IaaS providers offer. While native offerings from their providers are the most popular network tools in a multi-cloud environment, more than half of IT pros recently surveyed by EMA are on the verge of “cracking” with them. They are somewhat satisfied with these services but know they could do better. EMA expects they will eventually need a multi-cloud networking solution to replace or optimize these cloud providers’ network services.

While most enterprises rely heavily on the native networking features and services cloud providers offer, only 24% are delighted with these solutions. The rest see room for improvement.

These findings are from EMA’s new research report, “Multi-Cloud Networking: Connecting and Securing the Future.”

Native networking features and services from cloud providers are increasingly becoming just like the refrigerator

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