MWC recap: Google, Microsoft and Oracle diverge on network functions

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MWC23 – As MWC wraps up, Iain Morris, Mike Dano and Kelsey Ziser ruminate on T-Mobile’s 5G voice service plans, how hyperscalers are trying to differentiate themselves and investment plans for future 5G and 6G deployments.

Here are a few topics we covered:

T-Mobile’s Neville Ray announces expansion of 5G voice service. (00:38) Hyperscalers make a bigger showing at MWC than US telcos. (01:24) How cloud providers are positioning themselves. Google says it doesn’t make network functions. (03:28) Oracle says it’s better to develop own network functions. (04:12) AWS demos computer vision use case with Telefonica. (05:16) Arrcus’ plans for $50 million in funding. (05:53) IoT updates in the automotive market. (06:16) NTT narrows down private 5G focus. (06:36) Vonage platform for API development. (07:30) Spending cycles for 5G and 6G. (09:50) GSMA puts the press in a corner. Literally. (11:00)

— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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