Did AWS win MWC23?

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The headline question may be over-the-top. No one really “wins” a trade show. There’s no public tally of how many companies improved their business prospects vs. how many were outdone by competitors.

The only tallying left is for the show’s organizers to count the receipts and celebrate that amazing wrinkle in their business that allows them to charge a network operator tens of thousands for renting a convention center Ethernet connection all week.

(Source: Photo courtesy of AWS)

Big Cloud: The big story

We bring up AWS and its hyperscaler peers because, unofficially, they were the story of MWC23. They were on the ground, in the news, around the show floor and on the lips of every telco executive trying to spin a story about where their network is going.

“How many of this year’s MWC visitors were from AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure is not known, but all three were more visible than ever before,” wrote Iain Morris. “The telcos need Big Tech more than cash-rich Big Tech needs the telcos.”

AWS stood out because it is the pace car in this race to

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