Simplifying Retail Network Management

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Fast and reliable networks are critical to the success of retail operations. Without network access, stores can’t process payments, handle customer data, or update inventory, which makes outages highly disruptive. According to a recent study, downtime could cost over $300,000 per hour in lost business, which is why it’s crucial that admins have the necessary tools to effectively monitor, manage, and optimize retail networks. This blog discusses some of the specific challenges involved in retail network management and how the right edge gateway solution can help overcome these difficulties.

Retail network management challenges

Managing a retail network comes with unique challenges, especially as the size and geographical distribution of the organization grows. Examples of these challenges include:

Extending fast, reliable connectivity to the entire store for payment processing machines, inventory scanners, and other crucial devices. This is especially challenging in big box stores and other locations with large footprints as well as service-based chains with mechanics’ bays, drive-thrus, and other outdoor or semi-outdoor devices.
. Maintaining optimal environmental conditions for networking equipment that’s often installed in closets, storage rooms, warehouses, and other out-of-the-way locations. The priority is typically to keep these devices

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