Telcos risk paying a heavy price for the cloud

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Visitors to last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona could flit between most stands without having to change outfit, meet any strict criteria or even don the requisite lanyard. Alas, there is no such freedom of movement for telco software between the clouds now able to host it. Network functions (or NFs) developed for one vendor’s cloud cannot enter another’s without expensive repurposing by their suppliers. “Then they pass the cost to us,” complained Michael Trabbia, the chief technology officer of France’s Orange.

One option is simply to maintain multiple clouds for different vendor functions, a separate residence for each supplier that none can ever leave. Economically, the telco is probably no better off, and if the home suffers damage the software has nowhere else to go. An alternative is to house all functions in one of the many-bedroomed mansions of a public cloud. “When you are AWS, the market you propose to Ericsson is bigger, so Ericsson has an interest in doing that,” said Trabbia. “But we want to have choice and not be dependent on a hyperscaler solution.”

Microsoft is one several hyperscalers advancing on the telecom sector.
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