DirectCompress Accelerator Packs More Data into FlashArray//XL

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Like many gamers, I used to build my own systems. I loved picking out the CPU, the video card, which ISA-based modem (that’s a real thing) I was going to use, and why. You could spend your money on precisely what you wanted whether that was more money on graphics for games or a faster modem for getting online. Or maybe, it was all about the sound card. 

With enterprise storage deeply hidden amongst the racks in some data center, we don’t always get to see the absolutely awesome hardware inside. If you were to take a peek inside a FlashArray™ system, you’d find custom-made flash, in a custom chassis, with hot-swappable controllers and custom software to optimize all of it. 

So, as a hardware geek, I was excited when I found out about Pure’s new hardware release called DirectCompress Accelerator (DCA). Pure’s data reduction is already the best in the industry, leveraging Purity software running through conventional CPUs. But, our engineering teams weren’t content to just stop there and wanted to squeeze out more value. They felt they could do better by moving data reduction to a specialized offload card. 

And we can now see the success of this

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