Visualizing Mastodon server moderation

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In Mapping the wider fediverse I showed how a new table added to the Mastodon plugin—mastodon_domain_block—enables queries that find which servers are moderating which other servers. For example, here are servers on’s list of offenders.

select server, domain, severity from mastodon_domain_block where server = ‘’ +————————+——————————–+———-+ | server | domain | severity | +————————+——————————–+———-+ | | | silence | | | * | suspend | | | * | suspend | …snip… | | | suspend | | | | suspend | | | | suspend | +————————+——————————–+———-+

I used the new query pattern to build a dashboard to report, for each server in the home timeline:

The list of blocking servers. The count of blocked servers for each blocking server. The list of blocking servers for each blocked server, and the count of those blocking servers.

This was a good start, but I had a hunch that relationship graphs would reveal non-obvious connections among these servers. And indeed they do! Here’s a view of the new graph-enriched dashboard.


The left pane shows the blocked servers shunned by a blocking server selected from those in the home timeline. The right

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