ChatGPT now chatting via Azure OpenAI Service

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Microsoft is making the ChatGPT AI large language model available in preview as a component for applications designed for the company’s Azure OpenAI Service, paving the way for developers to integrate the large language model into a host of different enterprise development and end-user applications.

Microsoft appears to have had several users working with this integration already, listing ODP Corporation (the parent company of Office Depot and OfficeMax), Singapore’s Smart Nation Digital Government Office, and contract management software provider Icertis as reference customers.

Developers using the Azure OpenAI Service can use ChatGPT to add a variety of features to applications, like recapping call center conversations, automating claims processing, and even creating new advertisements with personalized content, among other things.

Generative AI like ChatGPT is already being used to enhance Microsoft’s product offerings, as well. For instance, according to the company, the premium version of Teams can use AI to create chapters in conversations and automatically generated recaps, while Viva Sales can offer data-driven guidance and suggest email content to help teams reach their customers.

Enterprise use cases for Azure OpenAI ChatGPT

Ritu Jyoti, IDC group vice president for worldwide AI and automation research, said that the proposed use cases make a lot of sense, and

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