IAM Challenges in the Public Cloud: Feeling the Pain Already?

This post was originally published on Data Center Knowledge

What does Identity and Access Management (IAM) for/in IT departments have in common with the song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in shopping centers in December? Well, both are an integral part of the experience and you only enjoy them if you make money off it. It’s a pain for everyone else.

What is IAM? IAM is the security practice looking at concepts and tools for controlling and managing access to company resources such as laptops, servers, printers – and now also company assets in the public cloud. The frustrating point for managers is: Most IT organizations have invested in IAM in recent years. However, this evergreen topic resurrects again – this time in the context of the cloud. So, the question is: What’s different this time?

Let’s dig into what IAM challenges have arisen in the cloud era.

IAM and VMs in the Public Cloud

Most companies have a lot of IaaS workloads in the cloud. They run applications on Linux or Windows VMs. Obviously, the IAM solution must cover admin and non-admin users on these machines (Figure 1, #1). It looks straightforward, but there is

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