OneWeb connects with AWS

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – OneWeb, the low earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company, today announced that it signed a letter of intent with Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL (AWS), a leading cloud platform, to explore providing cloud-based connectivity and the delivery of innovative services to customers worldwide.

OneWeb and AWS will work together to expand both horizontal and vertical services to provide customizable and integrated solutions for edge-to-edge operations. Teaming-up global satellite broadband connectivity with AWS cloud services and edge computing capabilities, OneWeb can create a more sustainable, competitive offering and deliver advanced connectivity to a vast array of customers around the globe.

The ambition is to provide a fully integrated satellite constellation management solution as a service to the public and satellite community. Working together to innovate, develop, and enhance industry and cloud solutions, OneWeb and AWS will aim to create the next generation of virtual network functions focused on bringing LEO connectivity to customers and communities around the globe.

OneWeb and AWS will work closely together on four key initiatives:

Business Continuity: Bundling connectivity with cloud services and edge computing services, delivering continuity and resiliency through an integrated infrastructure backed by the LEO

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