Automation, Digitalization Give Staffing Firms a Boost

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Technology tools such as automation and broader digitalization efforts are helping staffing firms stay competitive and boost revenues, although the majority are still in the early stages of implementation efforts.

These were among the results of a survey by Bullhorn, which found that although more than three quarters (77%) of staffing firms have begun implementing a digital transformation strategy, many are still in the early stages.

The report indicated that automation could play a crucial role in helping staffing firms improve their performance — especially when it comes to administrative tasks. However, just 17% of survey respondents said they “heavily leverage” automation throughout their business.

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Tapping automation technology saves time and increases efficiency, leaving firms to focus more on high-value activities where the “human touch” is most important, like one-to-one candidate engagement and business development. 

How Automation Improves Candidate Experience

Automation can also improve the candidate experience, giving recruiters the ability to respond faster and deliver personalized communications at scale.

In previous research, Bullhorn had observed a strong relationship between a slow and unresponsive hiring process and the rate of “application abandonment” amongst promising candidates.

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