Cloud computing is driving a new gig economy in tech

This post was originally published on Info World

I would be remiss if I told you I came upon this idea myself. My good friend Joe McKendrick recently covered this trend that I’ve also seen happening.

The recent tech industry layoffs are driving a wave of what some are calling “solopreneurs” doing gig work or independent contracting. Think DoorDash or Uber Eats, but instead of delivering Thai food, people are delivering key cloud advisory services or even completed cloud-based systems ready for deployment.

This is driven by the anticipation that a slowing economy is likely to drive down tech sales. But also, a cloud skills shortage is occurring simultaneously. We’re not preparing enough cloud professionals to keep up with demand, but, at the same time, tech companies are laying them off. Go figure.

This has been evolving for years as workers understand the value of the gig economy and may be looking for more independence and less employment reliance on the larger technology players. Many technology professionals are exploring more entrepreneurial options instead of opting for standard full-time jobs and cushy benefits with companies that can’t guarantee a job for life—and never could.

Indeed, 63% of tech workers report they have started their own company post-layoff, according to a recent survey of 1,000 professionals

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