Finding the ‘Ability’ to Succeed in Quantitative Trading

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It goes without saying that “ability” is required for success. A baseball player who can’t hit a curveball or a software developer who can’t write elegant code doesn’t stand a chance of rising to the top in their profession. A certain level of ability is required to be the best in any field and the same can be said for achieving exceptional, consistent, and sustained success in quantitative (quant) trading. 

Quant trading uses large volumes of data combined with quantitative analysis and mathematical models to hunt down and analyze small changes in price, volume, or market relationships to identify profitable trading opportunities. Successful quant trading strategies often rely on near-instantaneous decisions about buying or selling, market trends, and risk, making reliable access to a wide variety of data highly time sensitive.

6 Data Capabilities You Need to Succeed in Quantitative Trading

When it comes to quant trading, there are a number of data “abilities” that are prerequisites for both initial and sustained success:

Scalability: Do your data resources have the ability to respond and grow to meet your needs? Now, more than ever, the development of winning trading strategies requires scalability: Scale up to research new opportunities and

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