Is This the Age of the Network Para-Professional?

This post was originally published on Network Computing

There are paralegals and paramedics. Both provide critical skills and have the ability to tackle many routine tasks so that attorneys or doctors don’t have to do them, even though these paras are not as fully trained or licensed to practice in those professions.

Now with the steady deployment of networks and edge equipment to remote reaches of the enterprise, the idea of the para-professional is pertinent to IT, too.

For starters, IT in itself has limited resources and bandwidth. Even with the plethora of automated and remote tools that are available today, IT can’t be in all places at once.

As an example, sharing a screen to troubleshoot an issue, or even trying to walk someone through a problem from afar, doesn’t always work—and it presents the question of whether it might be possible to train non-IT employees in enough network and security fundamentals so that they can perform a number of routine functions, such as resetting a router or maintaining network security.

With the growth of edge networks in particular, there are opportunities for manufacturing supervisors, field office managers, and work-at-home employees to manage their own day-to-day IT. It’s not out of the ordinary to expect a

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