Major Data Center Certifications for 2023, Broken Down by Category

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Which certifications are best if you want to work in the data center industry? The answer depends, in part, on exactly which type of work you want to do. There are many specializations in the data center industry – such as design, general operation and networking – and there are different certifications that align with each area of focus.

To provide guidance on which data center certifications you might want to pursue, this article breaks down the main certifications in different domains. It’s not a comprehensive list of all possible data center certifications, but it’s a helpful starting point if you’re looking to advance your data center career by earning a certification but don’t know where to begin.

General data center certifications

Several companies or organizations offer generic certifications that deal with basic data center concepts:

The Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA) certification from Schneider Electric. This credential attests to basic understanding of key topics in data center engineering and management. EPI’s Certified Data Center Expert (CDCE) certification, which is another general-purpose data center certification offering. VMware’s Data Center Virtualization, which is geared toward applying virtualization technologies to data

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