What Is Infrastructure as Code?

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Infrastructure as code (IaC), sometimes referred to as programmable or software-defined infrastructure, is the process of managing IT infrastructure—including physical equipment such as bare metal servers and virtual machines—through code instead of manual processes. 

So what is IaC is and how could it shift the way the industry manages storage? 

Benefits of Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as code lets developers and operations teams automatically manage, monitor, and provision resources instead of having to manually configure different hardware devices and operating systems. 

This translates into four major benefits:

Cost Reduction

Because infrastructure as code removes the manual component of resource management, it allows people to focus on other enterprise tasks. 

Increased Speed, Efficiency, and Flexibility

Infrastructure as code also enables speed via faster execution and provides visibility that helps other teams across the enterprise work quickly and more efficiently. Deploying infrastructure as code also lets you divide your infrastructure into modular components that can then be combined in different ways through automation.

Risk Reduction

Infrastructure as code helps to remove the risk associated with human error. As a result, it can decrease downtime and increase reliability. Also, IaC aids configuration management and helps IT teams avoid undocumented, ad hoc configuration changes

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