ZPE Systems’ Services Delivery Platform accelerates time-to-market

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IT teams can deliver instant business value with the on-demand services delivery architecture

Fremont, CA, April 25, 2023 — ZPE Systems’ Services Delivery Platform is IT’s ‘easy’ button for delivering instant business value. Instead of deploying dedicated NGFW hardware and Intel® NUCs, ZPE’s Intel-based platform runs 3rd party apps at remote locations delivered via ZPE Cloud app marketplace. This speed and flexibility simplify global service delivery and fleet management for manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and other industries, where any app can be automatically deployed from the cloud.

Why is this important?

Private-cloud and on-prem services must run on dedicated systems, which causes infrastructure sprawl. This complexity pulls IT teams away from generating revenue, recovering from outages, and stopping ransomware attacks. Their job becomes managing low-level infrastructure and inefficient delivery pipelines. The Services Delivery Platform alleviates this by giving them the speed and flexibility to:

Secure remote locations with cloud-deployed pen test agents & other services Segment edge networks regardless of interface type Eliminate supply chain risks with hardened devices Shrink attack surfaces with swift centralized patch management Collapse device stacks into 1RU or less using virtual services

Graphic: ZPE’s Services

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