Financial Services Firms Can Drive Customer Success Using High-performance Data Lakes

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In the financial services industry, the ability to compete with finserv upstarts rests on adopting high-performance solutions for accessing and analyzing data at market speed. But financial services organizations struggle with managing massive quantities of unstructured data and siloed data sources. Without modern data infrastructure, data lakes don’t deliver on their promise. 

And when the data lake is nothing but a data mosh pit, it affects every aspect of the financial services experience, especially the impact on customers. Data holds the insights on customer needs, such as which new lines of business to launch and where new marketing campaigns can succeed.

These are challenges we relish at Pure. Pure Storage FlashBlade® is the perfect pairing for unstructured data, and it is built for modern workloads. The simplicity of the FlashBlade platform enables unification of structured and unstructured data at scale and supports the high-performance data analysis pipelines needed for data-driven products and experiences.

Wealth Management Firm Turns Data into a Strategic Asset

For KGI Asia, a wealth management company based in Taiwan, seeing rapid technological change in the industry and wanting to prepare for future success led the business to upgrade its data storage model and unify previously siloed

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