Google’s Vertex AI machine learning platform gets generative AI tools

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At Google’s annual I/O conference Wedneday, the internet giant announced that it was adding new tools designed to help build generative AI capabilities to its machine learning operations platform, dubbed Vertex AI.

The generative AI tools added to Google Cloud’s Vertex AI include three new foundation models; so-called embeddings APIs for text and images; a tool for reinforcement learning from human feedback; and previously showcased tools such as the Generative AI Studio, Model Garden and the PaLM 2 large language model for text and chat.  

(Separately, Google also announced Duet, a new generative AI engine for Google Cloud, designed to help developers code. See Google’s Duet AI to take on Amazon CodeWhisperer, GitHub Copilot.)

In March, Google Cloud announced a new service, dubbed Gen App Builder, to help enterprises build AI-powered chat and search applications by basing them on Google’s own foundation models.

During the same period, the company had said that it would add Model Garden and Generative AI Studio to Vertex AI. While Model Garden is a repository of foundation models from Google and its partners, Generative AI Studio is a low-code suite for tuning, deploying and monitoring foundation models.

Foundation models to help code, edit images

The new foundation models — Codey,

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