The Need for a Source of Truth in Network Automation

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Despite countless tools and technologies, network automation takes time, patience, and is difficult for enterprises that have grown organically over the last twenty years.

There is more time spent on tools analysis than on truly understanding the workflows and data required to drive network automation. Moreover, there is a lack of focus on the integrations required to truly create a holistic network automation solution. This must change.

In order to streamline adoption and ensure greater success with network automation, one must ask, “How can organizations truly start to embrace network automation?”

The answer starts with data.

Data as the foundation

Network data–provided it’s clean, quality data–is the true foundation of network automation.

While it may sound simple, the process of data curation and management proves to be a far more difficult task. For many, it is one of the most arduous tasks due to the fact that today’s IT infrastructure is dictated by a combination of spreadsheets and numerous data sources owned by different teams and stakeholders.

However, a data-first approach is necessary for successful network automation. It attacks the problem head-on and provides the path for long-term success.

Accurate network data is needed to

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