How finops affects cloud usage and repatriation

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A 2022 study carried out by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group found that 62% of firms use third-party cloud-cost estimation tools. This included software to compare potential costs of different public cloud providers.

The impact of these finops tools was clear in the study. Just under half (49%) reported that finops tools have led their organizations to reconsider their first choice for cloud for at least one workload, selecting a different cloud vendor for workload deployment. Perhaps the era of choosing a single cloud provider is over.

What was most interesting to me is that hardware suppliers all have pay-as-you-go purchase models for the physical systems they sell (aka hardware as a service). The report showed that these hardware vendors were also affected by the data finops systems present. Almost half of the organizations in the study (43%) elected to modernize their on-premises infrastructure rather than place workloads and data sets on public clouds. Many are reporting that in some cases, the data from finops tools led to decisions to select traditional hardware platforms in enterprise data centers as more cost-effective than public clouds.

Until finops programs were established, most of the people selecting platforms, cloud and not cloud, for net-new or existing application

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