People of Pure: Meet Jason A. Riley

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Sure, you can tell a lot about a company through the headlines it makes—earnings reports, reviews, and stock prices—but Jason A. Riley, Pure Storage’s VP of Talent Management and Chief Diversity Officer believes an organization’s values tell an equally important story. Leading from the front means having diverse teams who drive better outputs, an environment that promotes learning and accountability, and leaders who set an example.

Below, get to know one of Pure’s newest team members, the work his team is doing, and how he hopes to shape Pure’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program in the years to come.

Jason A. Riley’s Path from IT to DEI

Many careers aren’t a straight line, and for Jason, a valuable experience early in his career led to his pivot from IT to DEI.

“My background is actually in computer science/engineering,” he shares. But interactions in that role, not projects, are what ultimately took him in a new direction. 

Cracking that code—of interpersonal connections, homogeneity on teams, the talent agenda,  and the importance of leadership—became his passion.

Diverse Teams Drive Results

“My experiences led me to realize that, when it comes to an organization’s ability to achieve their goals and targets,

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