Veeam USAPI Snapshot Offload to NFS

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Veeam Universal Storage API (USAPI) integration with Pure Storage has various options for performing snapshots and backup for primary applications. One of the use cases is Veeam Pure Storage snapshot offload to NFS.

What Is FlashArray™ Snap-to-NFS?

FlashArray Snap-to-NFS is a self-backup technology built into FlashArray. It’s included with no additional software license and has all data management-level features such as preserving compression while in transit and data reduction capabilities across snapshots. For more information on snapshot offload to NFS, please visit this support page (Pure1 login required).

How It Works

The Veeam snapshot offload feature is supported on Purity 6.3 and above. The Veeam snapshot offload job can be configured on the virtual machine with the corresponding volume on the FlashArray device. The Veeam snapshot job will create a corresponding volume snapshot with Veeam-defined retention and the same job is configured to offload to a secondary target with its own retention timeline. 

The offload snapshot feature can serve as a long-term archiving option for years. In addition, you can use it to restore the entire snapshot to the original FlashArray device, and later, it can be restored to the original volume. The recovery of archive snapshots can be

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