5 Questions to Ask to Keep Your Organization Safe from Network Vulnerabilities

This post was originally published on Network Computing

Patching network and security devices as new vulnerabilities are identified may sound much easier than it actually is in practice.

There are five questions companies need to ask (and answer) to ensure they have the best, most efficient plan possible to keep the network safe and the staff focused on the right activities.

However, before asking these questions, companies should first think about whether they even have the in-house skills to help evaluate. Does your company have someone that understands network security on staff? If you do, continue on to ask yourself these five questions. If you don’t, seek help from an MSSP or other managed services partner, hire a consultant, or perhaps ask your hardware vendors for some assistance.

Once you have the expertise, these are the five things you need to ask:

1) Do you have an accurate and dynamically updated network inventory?

For example, if the network has 50 sites and someone adds a 51st, will I be notified or have a system in place to ensure it’s secure? If one door is open, all the doors might as well be open. Can I automate this process? It’s very important to have a handle

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