Look Out – Get-Rich-Quick Schemes Are Coming to AI

This post was originally published on IT Pro Today

Basil Chatha wanted to make “as much … money as possible.” So in April, he asked ChatGPT to tell him how to quickly turn $1,000 into riches without breaking the law. “I’ll do everything you say,” he wrote.

While waving a fistful of $20 bills, he promised to give TikTok viewers a daily progress report of his journey. The chatbot spit out a generic strategy, suggesting he build an online business and use social media to get the word out. Chatha urged viewers to subscribe.

“Let’s see what happens,” he teased to his audience.

Generative artificial intelligence, which backs chatbots like ChatGPT, has dazzled and alarmed the public, as many argue that the software’s ability to create poems, write song lyrics or pen movie dialogues could put millions out of work.

It’s also changing the landscape of get-rich-quick schemes. Online influencers have seized on the idea that ChatGPT is an all-powerful technology that offers a tantalizing path to easy money. A host of YouTubers and TikTokers who specialize in personal finance content now make videos advertising a single premise: let

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