Simplify Data Protection with Veeam Pure Snapshot Replication

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If you’re looking for the most simplified snapshot as a backup solution or a solution that limits the backup IOPS on primary storage to save network bandwidth, you’re in the right place. You can achieve all this and even more with Veeam Pure Storage snapshot integration.

Veeam Universal storage integration for Pure Storage has various options such as backing up the primary application, performing volume snapshots of applications, and replicating the snapshot to another site. The application can be further protected from ransomware attacks with SafeMode™ enabled either on the primary storage array or on the replication target.

Snapshot-only jobs create a chain of storage snapshots on the primary storage array and optionally perform the replication to the secondary Pure storage array for longer retention and disaster recovery purposes. To successfully run the snapshot-only jobs and asynchronous replication of the snapshots to another Pure Storage FlashArray™, you need to first configure the asynchronous replication and protection group setup of the primary storage FlashArray.

What Is Asynchronous Replication? 

Asynchronous replication leverages Purity snapshots. A snapshot is created on the source, and that snapshot is transferred to the replication site. The first transfer, known as the baseline, is a complete transfer of

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