The Second Coming of Watson AI: Will IBM's Watsonx Stick?

This post was originally published on Data Center Knowledge

IBM announced the release of its new AI and data platform, IBM watsonx, at its recent annual Think conference. The platform aims to help companies scale and accelerate their AI with trusted data, providing everything from hardware to data storage and ML and AI foundation models. IBM’s new AI products are a direct response to others like OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT, which has been dominating public awareness since December. 

It may all be a little too late for IBM to take the lead in the market. 

They’re not the first ones to come out with this sort of platform,” says Bradley Shimmin chief analyst for Omdia said in an interview with Data Center Knowledge. “Google and AWS’ Databricks, pretty much any major platform that has AI development tooling has already stepped up to work on this. I don’t think IBM is in a position to showcase leadership unless they, on the research side of things or surprise us with something that looks more like the PaLM 2.0 announcement from Google earlier last week.”

What Are the Components of IBM’s watsonx Platform?

The watsonx platform includes two parts: and is an

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