Zscaler Gives Digital Experience Monitoring a Shot of AI

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Security service edge (SSE) is a service that integrates security and networking functions into a single cloud-based platform. This approach is designed to provide consistent and reliable security across all locations and devices within an organization. Zscaler is a pioneer in this space and has been recognized as a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for as long as they have had the quadrant.

The challenges of digital experience monitoring

While security was the main focus for Zscaler’s SSE offering, a few years ago, the company added a visibility product called Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX), which helps its customers measure and analyze the performance of business-critical apps, identify issues, get actionable insights, and more. The thesis is sound in that security companies must capture and analyze traffic to find threats. The same data can be looked at for performance information. Other network management companies have tried this in the past, such as NetScout and Riverbed. Still, both flopped in security, partially because of poor product but more because networking and security had yet to converge seriously. Since Zscaler launched ZDX, other SSE providers have launched visibility products.  

I recently caught up in person with Javier Rodriguez, Zscaler’s director of product

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