As AI Changes Jobs, Italy Is Trying To Help Workers Retrain

This post was originally published on IT Pro Today

As artificial intelligence transforms jobs around the world and workers fear for their future, Italy plans to spend nearly $30 million to help people boost their digital skills, particularly for positions at risk from automation and technological advances.

Regulators and lawmakers in Europe and elsewhere are grappling with how to handle AI as it becomes more accessible across industries. While experts say the technology will not replace humans any time soon, its rise into the mainstream – including through the viral chatbot ChatGPT – has fueled concerns about the impact on the job market.

AI can power robots that help with warehouse inventory, speed up vaccine production and re-create voices, raising questions for a wide range of workers, including grocery store employees and voice actors.

In Italy, an array of jobs could be at risk, including in transportation and logistics, office and administrative support, production, services and sales, according to the Fondo per la Repubblica Digitale (FRD), a fund that Italy established in 2021 to improve digital skills in the country.

The latest plan involves putting some $10 million into improving the skills of

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