Smart packaging with IoT goes beyond better tracking

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Data is the heartbeat of every connected product. Cars, machines, smartphones, and IoT devices generate more data than ever, feeding into the endless stream of bits and bytes connecting consumers and companies.

A new research report from Accenture and AIPIA (Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association) shows the rise of a new, unconventional data source: smart connected packaging. These digital-enabled containers and labels drive information to customers to enrich the product experience and pull data back to inform a company’s product development and manufacturing teams. Digital technologies used in smart packaging are expanding the tasks of packaging to new roles. Packaging is no longer just securing and labeling items.  

Using IoT technologies in smarter boxes enables not just better tracking of packages, but also new opportunities such as identifying counterfeiting, learning from user patterns, and creating new digital IDs to engage with consumers. Consider the following examples:

Thaddeus is a US-based startup that develops smart packaging solutions for temperature-sensitive products. Their patented platform, iQ-ler, offers a range of software and hardware features for temperature-controlled packaging. The platform has a built-in IoT system that enables real-time tracking, active temperature control, and a lid security sensor for strengthened product safety. iQ-ler transports medical specimens, such as vaccines, drugs, blood,

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