Amazon Employees Plan To Walk Off the Job As Tech Worker Tension Rises

This post was originally published on IT Pro Today

SAN FRANCISCO – On Monday, some Amazon workers at the company’s Seattle headquarters announced internally their plans to walk off the job.

In messages sent out via Slack and email, employee organizers urged their colleagues to walk out on May 31 – one week after the company’s annual shareholder meeting – in response to frustration over layoffs and the return-to-office mandate, as well as concerns about Amazon’s climate commitments.

“Morale feels like it’s at an all-time low,” said a Los Angeles-based Amazon employee who plans to participate, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect their job. “In meetings and one-on-ones with colleagues, there’s so much uncertainty and lack of clarity from leadership. . . . It’s an unsettling time to work at Amazon.”

The walkout, which organizers hope will draw at least 1,000 Seattle-based participants, is part of a greater wave of anxiety spilling over into agitation among Silicon Valley workers as hiring freezes follow mass layoffs amid a looming potential recession.

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