Cloud Network Security Vs. Data Center Security

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In recent years, a number of cloud architects have proclaimed the demise of network security with the adoption of the public cloud. Yet, network security persists in being one of the largest markets in security and is an area where each of the major cloud service providers (CSPs) have launched significant new offerings over the past few years. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the network remains critical to security, even in the cloud.

The network provides a universal control point providing the enterprise with leverage in securing everything, regardless of the workload/app’s architecture. Many enterprises moving to the public cloud may have thought network security would be superfluous – after all, the cloud provider owns the network, so network security is handled by the CSP – but something interesting happened instead.

How has cloud migration complicated network security?

The move to the cloud signified the realization of a dream business folks have had since the inception of IT – stop caring about the underlying enabling technologies (i.e., infrastructure) and only focus on the application. Moving workloads to the public cloud enabled that focus to an unprecedented degree. Instead of focusing on securing the infrastructure, organizations were able

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