VMware Takes a Full-Stack Approach in Addressing the Retail Edge

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The edge was a hot topic at the recent VMware Explore user event as it promises to create new experiences by processing data closer to the user. This removes much of the latency when moving data to and from the cloud. While there has been significant interest in the edge, adoption has been slow as organizations educate themselves on the use cases. At Explore, VMware hosted a dedicated session on retail edge, which uses edge computing to transform retail.

The retail industry has seen notable changes in recent years, specifically with the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the shift towards digital transformation. Edge computing is among the technologies making a significant impact in the evolution of the retail vertical. By positioning data closer to where it originates rather than in a distant data center, edge computing offers retailers a faster way to harness and analyze data.

Improved operational efficiency through better data gathering is one of the biggest advantages of edge computing in retail. Models like “click and collect” (buy online and pick up in-store) simplify the consumer buying process and provide retailers with timely insights. As retail chains grow, they often face challenges linked to the variability in their

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