IT Infrastructure Management Challenges

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Modern IT infrastructure management is defined by the struggle to keep an increasingly complex architecture of critical business services running 24/7 without interruption. According to a recent report from Siemens, a single hour of unplanned downtime could cost businesses anywhere from $39,000 to $2 million. The ability to maintain continuous business operations and recover from outages with minimal disruption is known as network resilience, and it should be the top priority for any organization. Infrastructure teams face numerous challenges on their path to creating resilience, including management complexity, cybersecurity threats, vendor lock-in, bloated tech stacks, and poorly supported legacy devices. This post analyzes the top 5 IT infrastructure management challenges while providing potential solutions and additional resources.

The top 5 IT infrastructure management challenges & solutions: 1. Challenge: Increasing complexity

As organizations evolve their capabilities and service offerings with advanced technology like artificial intelligence (AI), the supporting infrastructure grows more complex. For example, microservice applications are extremely agile and allow software teams to deliver advanced, high-performance products very quickly and efficiently. Building and maintaining the containerized environments, network logic, and security architecture to host and support those applications is difficult and prone to

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