Get Promoted by Running Greener Data Storage

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Promotions don’t happen overnight. They can take months or longer, even if you’re a high performer who consistently surpasses management expectations. Most career experts will tell you that moving up the corporate ladder today requires presenting a persuasive case for how you’re directly helping your company achieve its goals. 

Converging Data and Energy Challenges

For those responsible for data center operations, getting ahead now means deploying the right strategies and technologies to mitigate the effects of exploding data growth and rising data center costs. Investments in big data and AI projects are generating dizzying amounts of data just as we’re facing energy insecurity on a global scale. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s surging consumer awareness of environmental issues and increased focus on the value of sustainability. This all adds up to a complex challenge—as well as an opportunity for you to make a measurable impact and impress the C-suite.

Is Keeping Your Legacy Storage Penny Wise or Pound Foolish? 

When you’re vying for a promotion, it’s logical to focus on cost-saving opportunities. But making a decision to squeeze a few more years from a legacy data storage system no longer makes dollars or sense. Not only is outdated spinning

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